Nordost Speaker Cables for Custom Installation

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by Marc Rushton

20th September, 2016

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Nordost Speaker Cables for Custom Installation

One component often overlooked when running long lengths of cables for home cinema or integrated audio systems is the speaker cables. Nordost comes to the party with their Leifstyle range.

The Leifstyle range includes three convenient products to ease installation.

Nordost 2 Flat Speaker Cables2 Flat Cable has extreme durability and thin construction (thinner than a credit card!) making it the perfect choice for under-carpet installation. It can be also pushed under baseboards, cut into walls and then seamlessly plastered over, or even buried underground without incurring any sound degradation. It's perfct for for Hi-Fi ad home theatre applications.

4 Flat Cable, as the name suggests, comes with four 18AWG OFC conductors, making it perfect for professionals setting up multiple speakers. The superior geometry and materials used in 4 Flat not only account for the low inductance and capacitance within this cable, but allow for seamless and easy under-carpet installation.

Nordost 4 Flat Speaker Cables

Nordost 14-2 Speaker CablesFinally, the 14-2 Speaker Cable consists of two-14AWG OFC stranded conductors and has been specifically designed for in-wall installation. They have a UL rating up to 300 volts, allowing the user to connect to speakers through the wall without compromising the quality of sound. Their durability and flexibility make it the perfect solution for snaking your speaker cables through walls, giving your listening room a sleek look without compromising the sound.

All three products are available now, in 25m, 50m, and 100m bulk spools. 2 Flat Cable starts at $600 RRP, 4 Flat Cable starts at $1,200 RRP and 14-2 Speaker Cable starts at $490 RRP. Spade and Banana Kits are sold separately.

When you're building a high-quality integrated stereo or home cinema, don't skimp on cheap, bulky cables. Nordost are renowned for their high quality and excellent sound quality.

Nordost are distributed in Australia by Advance Audio.

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