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by Peter Familari

14th March, 2018

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We all know there’s a dearth of good, new music these days, don’t we?

Run the same notion past singer-songwriter, Mary Webb, and she’ll respond with polite silence.

Webb is one of the most self-effacing musical luminaries you’ll ever meet. Self-promotion isn’t her thing.

Hear her live, and any idea that great music has abandoned Mother Earth will dissipate within the first stanza of her first song.

If Webb declines to debate music’s current state of play, it’s only because she knows better.

Her unique songwriting skills pay homage to every great artist past and present who has travelled into the personal interior. Often at a disastrous cost, to share whatever it is they found there.

Webb implicitly understands this personal journey shapes the best music.

Webb’s new album is titled 'Love Like Planets'. Those who know her are hardly surprised by her carefully chosen title.

We’ve had her CD version spinning constantly since late last year. Glancing at the dust cover, tracks such as Time For Being Brave, Brave In The Sun, Hold Me Now, and all the others point to the personal interior.

A space Webb threads musically to that other space, the great exterior that defies our very definition and futile attempt to think in boundaries.

I think what she’s saying on 'Love Like Planets' is that it’s equally futile to place boundaries on the inner life. It takes musical courage to attempt to explore and share this idea with others.

Those willing to take the same journey without paying the artistic price of admission can explore this universal terrain for themselves sitting in a comfortable chair and fortified by a strong beverage of choice.

Mary Webb will launch 'Love Like Planets' this Saturday, March 17 at the Wesley Anne Hotel, 250 High Street Northcote, Victoria. The event kicks off at 8:00 PM and tickets are available here.

'Love Like Planets' is available on CD and LP. Catch it on Spotify here.

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