Klipsch Classic Speakers Are In Short Supply

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by Peter Familari

9th November, 2016

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Klipsch Classic Speakers Are In Short Supply

Audiophiles speak in hushed tones about Klipsch’s legendary Cornwall and La Scala speakers.

These high efficiency models loved to be driven by valve amplifiers and when fed a handful of the purest watts responded with a room filling natural sound, accompanied by a life size soundstage and pinpoint imaging.

Well, audiophiles don’t have to lust in vain any longer. Klipsch will be releasing a limited range of 70th anniversary Heritage series speakers including a limited number of Cornwall and La Scala model.

Klipsch Cornwall 70th Anniversary

With a nice touch of symbolism the exact number of these speakers available will be just 70 pairs, and at the time of writing, just 1 pair are in Australia, en-route to the StereoNET office.

Lucky buyers will get speakers made using an exotic Australian wood veneer, a unique silver luster grille cloth, special edition logos and get this Klipsch fans - a signature 70th Anniversary plaque identifying the speaker’s numbered sequence in this illustrious series will form part of the package.

Company founder, Paul Kirsch, first released the Cornwall in 1959. The name is derived from the ergonomics of the speaker. It was built to work nicely in corners or a wall, hence the name corn/wall. And you thought it all had something to do with mother England.

Klipsch 70th Anniversary

La Scala was unveiled in 1963 after Klipsch made it for Arkansas gubernatorial candidate, Winthrop Rockefeller to use as a public address system. Proof positive that the uber-wealthy haven’t a clue about audio fidelity despite their wealth.

Our American cousins with their penchant for very large houses and living rooms quaintly considered the La Scala as a ‘’portable’’ and more affordable version of the wonderful Klipschorn. And yes, you can have heaps of fun imagining a billionaire schlepping his portable La Scala into the back of his Cadillac to use with an iPod.

Klipsch Le Scala 70th Anniversary

We mentioned Klipsch efficiency. All you lovers of ultra-low powered single ended triode valve amps rejoice. Feed La Scalas a single watt, sit back and enjoy its 105 decibels of sound pressure. Enjoy.

Local pricing is expected to be around $20,000 but to be confirmed.

Klipsch is distributed in Australia by Powermove Distribution.

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