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7th September, 2017

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Anthem have announced their revolutionary new STR Integrated Amplifier that has been designed, engineered, and made in Canada.

While there press release boasts “more power, more control, more connection options, and the most advanced technology available in a single, easy-to-use component,” and indeed, the STR packs as many features as it does punch, its specifications are causing quite a stir with forum readers.

The STR really is a very capable product on paper, with its 200w (8Ohm), 400w (4Ohm) and 550w (2Ohm) continuous power ratings, plus Anthem’s Room Correction (ARC) built-in, a USB DSD DAC, MM/MC Phono Stage and a multitude of analog (balanced / unbalanced) and digital inputs, plus dual subwoofer outputs. There’s also a graphical front panel display to make setup and navigation easy. That’s a lot of features for the local asking price of $6,999 RRP.

Forum readers were quick to show interest in this fully-featured one box solution, but are asking the question not clearly answered so far, “what class is it”?

StereoNET reached out to Anthem Product Manager, Nick Platsis, for clarification:

The entire unit was designed in-house, and is completely different from the Integrated 225 mentioned.

Maybe the picture doesn't do justice to its physical size and weight, but this is not your average integrated. The STR Integrated Amplifier utilises Class A/B amplification.

For many years now, consumers haven’t needed to question manufacturer’s power ratings. In response to one reader’s note of the 500w power consumption rating on the rear of the STR Integrated, Anthem clarifies:

500W consumption is not a maximum rating. Testing labs rate the figure that gets printed on the rear panel according to typical use as a home appliance, not the worst case on a test bench where the current draw is much higher.


No one listens to continuous sine waves, which make the amp work as hard as it can but also makes for lousy music. For the power output, we only use continuous ratings, often erroneously called RMS which exists with voltage and current but not power. If comparing power figures between amplifiers, continuous and RMS mean the same thing.

In a nutshell, the STR Integrated packs serious punch from an A/B amplifier stage. It meets and exceeds its specified power ratings, while value-adding just about every feature you’d want from an Integrated Amplifier.

Additional Features

  • Bass management for two subwoofers, which can be used in mono or stereo
  • MM and MC phono inputs, balanced input, coaxial, optical, and asynchronous USB inputs
  • Analog Direct mode
  • Eight bipolar output devices per channel, massive toroidal power supply, and Anthem’s Advanced Load Monitoring (ALM) for 225W at 8 ohms, 400W at 4 ohms, and 600W at 2 ohms, all continuous
  • Controllable via ethernet and RS-232

The Anthem STR Integrated Amplifier is available now for $6999 RRP.

For more information visit the Anthem brand page.

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