Halcro Returns to Market with Patriotic Tribute

Other than Redgum Audio, there's perhaps no other brand more iconic than Australia's very own Halcro, who arguably in their prime enjoyed more success on a global level within the HiFi market than any other.

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EXCLUSIVE: New Halcro First Look

A little over two years ago StereoNET announced exclusively that Aussie iconic brand, Halcro, would be returning to market after many year's absence. Well, we're pleased to say progress has been made and we have now have some more information.

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EXCLUSIVE: Aussie Iconic Hi-Fi Brand HALCRO Returns

In an exclusive interview with StereoNET, Longwood Audio's Mike Kirkham reveals the return of the HALCRO brand to the Hi-Fi world, and what the future holds for this once iconic brand.

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